Smart City Inteligent IP Sensors And CCTV

Production automation reduces the T2M (Time To Market). Robots increase work efficiency and accuracy of entrusted tasks. Their increasing participation in the process of creating goods requires co-ordination of coats in shorter sections of time. The high time resolution and accuracy of synchronization have a direct impact on the production speed, precision of task execution. Synchronized robots improves concurrency of operations and they are multitasking.  

Network Time Server NTP PTP IEEE1588 NTS-3000 ELPROMA

Recommended products

    NTS-5000 Rubidium & OCXO
    NTS-5000 LITE (OCXO, w/o Rubidium)
    NTS-4000 OCXO
    NTS-3000 GNSS


Recommended configuration. Please consider to use min. 1 - best if 2 redundantly operating time servers per single Data Center. Server can be configured on way of giving a ref. time to each other. Servers can be equipped with redundant powersupplys.

A very good idea is to use 2 redundant GNSS receivers. Two antenna-receivers helps prevent GPS jamming and spoofing. They can be installed on location 700 meters from time server each.