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100% reference NTP implementation:
RFC5905, RFC5906, RFC5908, RFC5909   
Microsoft platforms incl.: 
Microsoft Windows 10/8/7
Microsoft Server 2016/2012/2008 


     Windows x86/x64    
Network Time Protocol for Windows 32/64 bit

Microsoft Windows allows you by defaults to synchronize your PC clock via Internet. However, standard built-in Windows SNTP client has serious functional and cyber-security limitations compering to std. reference NTP implementation defined at

Elproma has prepared a Windows binary (.EXE) compilation of reference NTP. All software is digitally signed to ensure its integrity and originality. It basis C-code of NTP v4.2.8 covering rfc5905, rfc5906, rfc5907, rfc5908, rfc5909 and rfc 4330. It supports both: native NTP Server and Slient operating stratum 0-15, a SNTP version 4. This software offers accuracy x1000 more accurate compering to std. Windows client. It uses slew-down clock adjusting technology synchronizing both frequency & phase of Windows software clock operating at kernel level.


Native NTP


Windows SNTP

Slew-down CLK andjust   +       -
NTP Client  support   +       +
NTP Server support   +       -
Measureing offset only   +       -
Ref. TIME UTC inputs   many        only one
Falseticker detection   +       -
Ref. TIME redundancy   multilevel       -
Stratum 0-15 level    +       -
MD5 Authentication   +       -
Sync accuracy    100 us       100 ms
Leap second support   +       -
Google Leap Smear   +       -
Remote TIME monitoring   +       -
Frequency adjusting   +       -
1PPS support
  +       -
software PLL/FLL   +       -
ntpq/ntpdc support
  +       -