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NTS-Time-Converter. It is converting time from/to IRIG-B and PTP/IEEE1588. This product basis on NTS-5000 hardware platform. It is equipped with 1GE Ethernet (SFP, RJ45 connectors) supporting both: IEEE1588 Master Mode (in case of conversion from IRIG input) and IEEE1588 Slave Mode (in case of conversion to IRIG output). It also includes LAN1/LAN2 compatibility ports available for all Elproma NTS-x000 family of time server. These LAN's are dedicated for configuration and monitoring facility purpose. Network cards are 100% isolated (no TCP/IP) using internal analogue synchornization signals. This ensures cyber-security of NTS-time-converter. Elproma NTS-time.converter supports all PTP IEEE1588 profiles offering ultra high accuruacy of synchronization - the one basis on hardware timestamping. NTS-time-converter can be extra equipped with 1 or 2 GNSS receiver NTS-antenna. This is usefull when time-code distribtuion includes several translation leveles.


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 Ref. NTP 4.2.8 for Windows

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