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Time Servers NTP/PTP IEEE1588

Elproma has presented commercial quantum cryptography products from IDQ. Two presentations by Elproma ware highly audience rated during  Warsaw security conference:

#1 (download PDF) "ELPROMA - Faults of synchronisation based on GNSS NTP PTP IEEE1588"

IDQ ELPROMA Quantum Cryptography

Tomasz Widomski explaining risks of using commercial timing GNSS receivers (read full article paper in PDF).

#2 "Quantum Cryptography" presentation by Adam Widomski from Warsaw University - Quantum Physics Laboratory

IDQ ELPROMA Quantum Cryptography

From left: Kris Borgulski (ELPROMA), Marcus Rohr (IDQuantique), Janus Uzycki (ELPROMA), Adam Widomski (Warsaw University). The unit on the table is a QKD machine presented during IDC 2018 conference.