Welcome to , the leading manufacturer of PTP/NTP time servers. What is CLEPSYDRA? It is registered trademark highlighting company sub-activity, the one that is specialized in network time synchronization.


   NTP/PTP Time Server  2017 models:  NTS-5000(Rubidium)  NTS-4000(OCXO)  NTS-3000(GNSS)  NTS-pico

We are offering solutions for: financial market, power grids, telecom sync,   CNSRobust UTC synchronization - in case of risk of GPS jamming/spoofing servers are equipped with more than 1x GNSS receiver. Multiple (2-3) GNSS receivers are located max. 1.2km from each other - each can can be set to operate to different sub-systems incl. GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO*, BEIDOU*, IRNSS**. Furthermore time servers can be synchronized simultaneously to National Institutes of Metrology (NMI) using secure public Internet communication (read more) or use local oscillators for long term GNSS-less holdovermode operation. All above. together with RFC3161 makes ELPROMA time servers most powerfull and trusty product, available today.

Cryptographic Timestamping RFC3161 is added value functionality. It is important mechanism for the long-term preservation of e-signatures, data sealing (any file type or size). It basis on Public Key Infrastructure. It proves non-repudiation when data was created, received or copied. This technology helps protect LOG event chronology and IoT systems integrity. Even simply stamping SYSLOG file makes IT system more resistant to falsification (read more).   



No network too big or too small for Elproma servers. For more of applications of today the std. NTS-3000GNSS or NTS-4000OCXO are fine. For advance IT/IoT including, financial market, telecom, power grid - we recommend NTS-5000Rubidium with optional 1 to 4 autonomous operating PTPv2/IEEE1588:2008interfaces (each supports nanosecond accuracy and has own IP stack for PTP operations). For small industrial and M2M networks, a new NTS-pico will be probably suitable. In all cases please consider of using our TSA Time Stamping Authority for long-term preservation of LOG, PDF, DB, JPG, MP3, MOV file sealing for future AUDITS.


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