Welcome to the european leading PTP/NTP time servers manfucture. Clepsydra is trademark indicating new Elproma global brand dedicated for professional network time synchronization. Our product domain is to deliver UTC time resistant for falsification. Therefore our servers use ref. time that is available simultaneously from all GNSS satellites including: GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BEIDOU (clcik PRODUCT site).

Elproma manufactures both std. low price NTP/PTP servers, as well as enterprises solutions - dedicated for financial market, power distribution, telecom and public administration. To reduce risk of impact use of GPS jamming tools, each Elproma time server can be equipped with max. 2 independent SAT receivers located max. 1.2km from server - each configured to receive different SAT systems. All products are tested and validated by metrology institutes. See DEMETRA framework on www.demetratime.eu, the value add service to GALILEO.  

Analyzing GNSS multi-SAT signals combined with Marzullo Falseticker Algebra - both powered by cryptographic RFC3161 timestamping, makes ELPROMA product most powerfull and trusty synchronization product on today market.   Read more from PTTI 2016 conference PDF

RFC3161 Cryptographic Timestamping is added value functionality. It is important mechanism for the long-term preservation of e-signatures, data sealing (any file type or size). It basis on Public Key Infrastructure. It proves non-repudiation when data was created, received or copied. This technology helps protect event chronology and IT system integrity. Even simply stamping LOG-files makes IT solution more resistant to falsification of events. Test it FREE at: http://tsa.elpromaelectronics.com  (read more how it works)   



No NTP time server too big or too small for you!. New NTS-pico is low cost, pocket size, full functional NTP server for industry control, automotive and M2M. Ref. UTC is drawn from GPS/GLONASS via included 30m antenna. Server is equipped with 1x LAN  (100/10Mbps), 1x RS232  interface, 1x USB.  NTS-pico is also equipped with GSM modem (2G) for telemetry monitoring. It is powered by full Linux. Customers are able to write own C/Python programs, macros and BASH scripts. Customers interested in advanced and professional time servers mostly choose:  NTS-5000, NTS-4000, NTS-3000.


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