Welcome to EU experts in time & frequency synchronization. Clepsydra is a brand of Elproma - company specialized in manufacturing PTP/NTP time server products. The ref. UTC is provided simultaneously from: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU*, GALILEO*. Max. 2 independent GNSS receivers can be used to provide redundancy. It makes our product more resistant for GPS jamming and falsification of time. Built-in oscillators, a specially RUBIDIUM appoints ITU-T G.811 recommendations for hold over mode - the GPS less long term operation.

RFC3161 Cryptographic Timestamping. The added value to our NTP servers is new functionality of Cryptographic Timestamping RFC3161. It is important mechanism for the long-term preservation of digital e-signatures, information data sealing (any files) to prove non-repudiation when they were created, received or copied. Elproma TSA uses PKI to keep properties of: integrity, non-repudiation, validity and authentication. This technology helps protect copyrights and intellectual property. Stamping simple LOG-file makes it resistant to falsification



No NTP time server too big or too small for you!. New NTS-pico is low cost, pocket size, full functional NTP time server for industry control, process automatization, automotive and M2M appliations. Ref. UTC is drawn from GPS/GLONASS via 30m antenna (H-155 coax cable & antenna are included). Server is equipped with 1x LAN  (100/10Mbps), 1x RS232  interface, 1x USB.  Optionally NTS-pico can be equipped with GSM modem, and/or WiFi communication module. It is powered by full Linux version. Customers are able to write own C/Python programs, macros and scripts. Customers interested in advanced and professional time servers mostly choose:  NTS-5000, NTS-4000, NTS-3000.


  Elproma is DEMETRA consortium member. This project is working on new GALILEO time services for financial market, telecom, power distribution, public administration etc. It a part of Horizon2020 research program co-funded by European Commission under grant agreement no. 640658. Project is supervised by GSA European Global Navigation Systems Agency and INRIM where Elproma is hosting Network Time Protocol NTP and we are developing TSI#2.



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